Neocron Persistant R.P.O.S. Console Log

ncLog. The only way of creating structured persistant RPOS/chat logs!

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Legal Notice: This product is provided as is. There is no functionality guaranteed, and I take no responsibility for any harm done by this product.
ncLog is NOT developped by Reakktor, 10tacle or Schwiezer System Ltd. nor related to any subsidiary of the named companies. It is a fan project developped by MarsFreak.

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As this tool is still beta, I highly recommend every nclog user to get on the (low-traffic) newsletter for latest information about new releases and bugfixes to existing versions.


As many NeoCronics already know:
the console.log logs the neocron RPOS (your chatwindow in the lower left corner).

The main problem:
The console.log is just a standard log-file, which means it's a plain textfile. There is no structure whatsoever in this document. Here comes the main feature of ncLog to life -> XML.

console.log transcribed to xml

ncLog takes the file and writes it into a structured XML. Together with the XSL file you have stylish output in your browser. If you play more than once a day your console.logs are all merged into the daily file.

console.log example:

date.xml examples (without XSLT):

The final output (XML with XSLT to HTML in a conventional browser):

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A sample console.log converted to a date.xml

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The date.xml's daily statistics, such as the killboard and spendings/income.

supported OS:

NOT tested: Win95, WinNT, WinME, Win98(SE) & Win2000



If you just want to use NcLog download the file.

For developers, who desire to use the nclog.dll in your projects get the nclog SDK (Software Development Kit). It contains all sourcecode and documentation.

Due to time constraints I won't be able to continue NcLog development in the near future. If you have the skills and wills to do it yourself contact me and I'll sign you up as developer and in the long run maybe give you full admin rights on the project.





This application is only a beta product, which means it will contain glitches, unwanted behavior and even bugs. It will work when fed with in-use-case console.logs.

To submit NEW bugs please email me the detailed description of how to reproduce this bug, the console.log that produces the bug, maybe the part/s of the <date>.xml, along with any further information you think might be useful to fix this problem.



The illustration shows the workflow of a generic transcription of the unstructured console.log (ASCII text) to the xml structured data.

  1. you doubleclick the neocron icon (like always)
  2. nclog starts
  3. console.log & <date>.xml are scanned
  4. depending on the situation a <date>.xml is created, data is merged or no data added
  5. neocronlauncher.exe starts
  6. you enter the world of neocron (play your ass off)
  7. you quit neocron
  8. nclog starts
  9. console.log & <date>.xml are scanned
  10. depending on the situation a <date>.xml is created, data is merged or no data added


Atm, written in Visual Studio .NET 2003 C#.

general class diagram